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Posted on: September 13, 2009

That’s how old I’ll be tomorrow. My apologies for the long absence. I’ll have to post what we’ve been up to another time.

As for now, I must say I’m feeling kinda old. You know how you always picture your life when you’re younger? Well the picture of my life kinda went like this: Go to college, fall in love, get married right after college, start a family a couple years later.

Well, I went to college. I fell in love. I spent almost 5 years with someone I didn’t marry. Thank goodness I didn’t marry him!  Anyway, now I’m behind schedule. I fell in love with a much more suited for me man and got married at 26 instead of 22. Perhaps I’ll have kids at 28 instead of 24 then. I don’t know. I realize that 27 is not old. I’m just feeling a little old.

Today Jesse and I did get asked if either of us were over 21. Ha! At least I don’t look as old as I feel.



Posted on: June 12, 2009

Jesse finally comes home tomorrow. I can’t even express how long these last two weeks have felt.

Things at work are good, busy, but good. My favorite show of the summer So You Think You Can Dance is on! I’ve been going to the gym 5/week. Yay me! I did go back to that church I was late for 2 weeks ago and loved it! I hope Jesse likes it too.

Andy Samburg was hilarious as the host!

Eminem’s performance was great! Lots of cussing though, as they bleeped it out.

Kristen Stewart acted just like Bella’s character when she won her award. She even dressed like I would expect Bella to dress.  I loved the trailer for New Moon. And I must say….damn, Jacob looked hot with his shirt off! Now, I know I’m not a teen, but I appreciate good eye candy!

All in all it was a good show!

Sorry, you guys, I know I’ve been away for awhile.

I’m glad Kris won AI. I voted like crazy for him.

I took the audit portion of the CPA exam about 2 weeks ago. I think it went well, but we’ll see when I get my score back in about a month.

My friend, Leah*, came out to visit last weekend. We had a great time. Saturday we visited the Idaho Botanical Gardens. I recommend going later in the year when more of the flowers are  in bloom. We also visited the Old Idaho Penitentiary. It was really interesting. I highly recommend seeing it. We also went to the Anne Frank Memorial. I don’t recommend going. It was basically just a wall of quotes from famous people. Leah and I watched “The Women” and “Yes Man” that evening. Both movies were okay, not great, and I wouldn’t watch them again. They seemed to drag out a bit.

The following day we decided to visit a Hot Springs. Neither Jesse nor I had been to this particular one before so we didn’t know what to expect. We stopped at the mile marker where the Hot Springs was suppose to be and followed the trail that was to lead to it. We didn’t know that we would be hiking up a mountain to get to it, so I was wearing flip flops and carrying my purse. Jesse and Leah were wearing tennis shoes, but Leah had her purse with as well. The climb up the mountain wouldn’t have been so bad if I had left my purse in the car and if I were wearing the correct shoes. Flip flops don’t have very good traction so I kept sliding and by the time we reached the top, my purse felt like it weighed 50 pounds! When we finally could see where the Hot Springs were, Jesse announced that we probably didn’t want to see what was ahead. This 70 year old guy was only wearing a T-shirt! GROSS! Leah and I were absolutely disgusted. Jesse thought it was hilarious. We kept hiking until we got to the springs and lo and behold, old naked guy was at the one we hiked to. He encouraged us to get in the water, “you don’t need a bathing suit” he told us. We replied, “Uh, no thanks, we’re good.” Leah and I started taking pictures of the springs and the Payette River (being careful not to get old naked guy in the pics). It was a beautiful view! We looked down at the Hot Springs below us and there sat another old guy without shorts! At this point, we’d had enough and proceeded to hike back down the mountain. The descent went much smoother than the climb. The 3 of us went to dinner and played Boggle that night.

The last full day of Leah’s trip was spent visiting the Air Force Base and a local winery. She seemed to enjoy her first visit to Idaho and we enjoyed having her!

Jesse’s in Canada now with the military. I got some Lori Wick books yesterday at the library. She has some novels and also some series. I like the novels more because the series always have the same story line, just with different characters. SarahK and I also got pedicures yesterday! I tried to go to a new church this morning. Their website said their service started at 10:15 so I got there around 10:05 and the service had started at 9:30. Next week, I’ll get there on time.


*not her real name

David Archuleta is here. 2 people will be leaving. There were over 45 million votes last night.

Paula choreographed the group dance. They sing “Lets Dance  & Shout” or something like that. I’ve never heard it before. Everyone is in sunglasses except Adam. I wonder why. Paula’s proud of their performance.

This week’s Ford music video is to “I’m Good, I’m Gone.” Again, never heard it.

Time to dim the lights. Lil’s up first. Ryan escorts her to the other side of the stage. Lil’s going home. Wow, Ryan’s getting right to it tonight. Lil sings again. The judges are on their feet. Paula said Lil sang brilliantly tonight. Randy says this is just the beginning for her. Simon’s a massive fan of hers. He’s gonna miss her family screaming every week. Kara thinks Lil learned something from this.

Now it’s time for a disco medley. Freda Payne is up first. Then it’s Thelma Houston’s turn. Her boobs are ready to pop out of her dress. Last, KC from KC and the Sunshine Band sings “Get Down Tonight”.

Back to the results. Kris is safe. Yay! Adam’s sporting last night’s hair-do. He’s safe. Danny’s safe also. Anoop’s next. He’s in the bottom 3. Matt’s safe. Wow! Allison’s in the bottom. Anoop better be the one going home.

David Archuleta sings “Touch My Hand”. David encourages Allison and Anoop about all the opportunities out there for them after the show.

The second person going home tonight is Anoop. I got it right. Yay me!

Ryan says the good news is Matt’s still here. The bad news is 2 people will go home this week. It’s disco night and there’s no mentor so that should cut down on time.

Lil Rounds sings “I’m Every Woman”. I like her hair and her involvement with the crowd. Randy says she got the party started, but it sounded wild. It was big and grand, but didn’t show her vocal control. Kara agrees with Randy and says Lil looks great. Paula defends Lil by saying she had no voice the previous day and was on vocal rest. Paula says she was hot tonight, but it didn’t reach the boiling point. Simon says Lil looks sad. Lil’s response is she had fun tonight. Simon thinks this is her last week. It had no originality and was copy-cat.

Kris Allen is singing “She Works Hard For The Money”. He likes the story behind the song. I loved the arrangement and thought it was awesome. Kara says he took a risk with the arrangement and it paid off. She’s very impressed. Paula says it had a classy Santana feel to it. Then she rambles on about shopping in the women’s department. Simon needs a translator. Simon says it was original, well thought out, and not karaoke. It was fantastic. Randy says Kris knows who he is and is ready for the big time. Great arrangement. Amazing.

Danny Gokey sings Earth, Wind & Fire’s “September”. I loved the vocals! Randy was nervous about his song choice, but Danny turned it into something that really worked for him. He worked it out. Kara was worried about him. She thinks he’s an incredible vocalist. His pitch is right on. Another solid performance. Paula says he showed his agility and brilliance vocally. She adds that he has one of the sexiest voices ever. I totally agree! Simon can’t fault the vocals. He didn’t get any star power out of the performance. He thought it was a bit awkward and clumsy. Paula adds we’ll see him in the finals.

Allison Iraheta sings “Hot Stuff”. She comes out on a moving staircase. She’s not really enunciating. Randy didn’t love the arrangement, but thinks she’s one of the best singers in the competition. Kara agrees with Randy about the arrangement. She also agrees about the singing. She says just the vocals were like a 9-10. Paula didn’t mind the arrangement. She said Allison hit it off the charts with the last note. Simon says she came into the week as an underdog and it was a brilliant performance.

Adam Lambert sings “If I Can’t Have You” from the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack. I really like his hair. He should always wear it like that. It was pretty good. He got a little screechy in the chorus. Randy says Adam’s ready right now. He’s a hot one tonight. Kara says he’s brilliant. It was his most memorable performance. She even called it inspiring. Paula says he didn’t make it cliche. He’s fascinating, brilliant, awesome, and he’ll be in the finals. Simon says he did something we weren’t expecting. It was original, memorable and had remarkable vocals.

Matt Giraud sings “Stayin’ Alive”. I predicted Adam would sing this today at work. Randy didn’t love the song choice or arrangement, but says Matt can really sing. Kara says he brought disco back and she thought the vocals were pretty good. Solid performance. Paula says he sings like she bowls- sometimes a gutter ball and sometimes a strike. This was a strike. She says he’s staying. Simon didn’t like the performance. He called it a bit desperate. He didn’t think the vocals were great and there was no originality.

Anoop Desai sings “Dim All The Lights”. I’m pretty sure I don’t  know this song. He does have a really good voice, but I’m kinda bored with him. Randy didn’t love the arrangement, but thinks Anoop can sing. Nice, baby, nice! Kara thought it was a great song choice. She thinks his last 2 performances have been his best. Paula says he looks fantastic and that real men know how to wear pink. Good job. Simon thought it was mediocre, at best. He thought it was a horrible version of the song and that it was his worst performance.

I voted for Kris, Danny, Allison, and Matt. My bottom 3 prediction is Lil, Anoop, and Matt with Lil and Anoop going home.

Tonight’s introduction is like a movie premiere. Very fitting and cool.

Miley Cyrus is here. Jennifer Hudson is too.

The Ford music video consisted of the top 7 being on magazine covers and was to the song “Freeze Frame”. The top 7 sing “Maniac” from the movie Flash Dance. They also went to the movie premiere for 17 Again this week. Zac Efron is also here.

Allison is safe. Yay! Adam’s also safe. Anoop’s in the bottom 3 for the 3rd week in a row.

Jennifer Hudson sings “If This Isn’t Love”. I can’t understand a single word she’s singing. She’s touring with Robin Thicke. She’s also recently engaged but won’t reveal the wedding date.

Paula is surprised by Anoop being in the bottom. Simon says Anoop deserves to be there.

Simon says Kris was brilliant last night. Lil feels like she can’t win with the judges. One of them is in the bottom. It’s Lil. Matt and Danny are next. Randy says Danny worked it out last night. Matt’s in the bottom.

Kara says the bottom 3 is right. Paula adds there were flaws in each of their performances which is why they’re in the bottom. The first person sent back to safety is Anoop. Matt looks terrified.

Miley Cyrus sings “The Climb”. She’s not really enunciating either.

Simon says he’d consider saving 1 persona and that person would be surprised. Ryan says so it’s Lil then. Simon says we’ll have to wait and see.

There were over 36 million votes last night. Lil is safe. Matt sings for his life. Kara and Paula are up on their feet acting like groupies. After Matt sings, the audience is chanting “save him”. Simon didn’t think Matt was as good tonight as last night and doesn’t see him winning. He has good news for Matt. They’ve decided to save him.

Next week 2 people will be eliminated and it’s disco week. Great.